Current cleaning methods are ineffective

Currently accepted cleaning methods are ineffective and may actually spread these dangerous HAIs to other, previously non-contaminated, parts of the vehicles and other equipment.3

Hand cleaning with cans of disinfectant puts your staff at risk each time they wipe down the surfaces, and then only claims a 99% kill rate of germs and bacteria.

What is being transported in the rear of your ambulance?

Studies in the US and UK have shown that nearly 50% of ambulances and rescue vehicles are contaminated with contagious pathogens such as methacillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA).1 And it's not just the stretcher or patient compartment but also in the driver and front passenger's area as well.

MRSA is spreading like wildfire between hospitals and nursing homes, into fire and ambulance stations and into the community. Reports of MRSA infections among EMS crews are up sharply. It is a multi-billion dollar a year epidemic2 that requires new and innovative approaches.

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Inside & Out

Do you think just cleaning the inside is good enough?

Think again. The outside is just as important.

Some manufacturers of decontamination equipment try and convince you that cleaning just the patient compartment is good enough. What about the outside compartments?... you ask. Not a concern they answer.

Your gut should tell you different.


The next generation of decontamination

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